Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

These Japanese soufflé pancakes are super fluffy, jiggly, and pillowy soft! They are a delight to have for breakfast, snack, or dessert and will wow any lucky guests you invite for brunch! These pancakes are simple to make, but technique driven. Follow along our post below, with step by step photos, detailed instructions, and a troubleshooting guide to help you master making these ultra jiggly pancakes!

I’ve always looked forward to having pancakes for breakfast because my family grew up eating rice dishes like century egg and pork congee or plain congee with tomato and egg stir fry in the morning.

So when we learned about these fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes, you know I could not resist! They were everything pancakes were meant to be, and a little more. They were fluffy, really jiggly, soft like cotton. It was like eating mini cakes! Especially when you topped them with whipped cream and and fruits. SO GOOD!

What are Japanese soufflé pancakes?
Japanese soufflé pancakes are like classic pancakes but fluffy, airy, light like cotton, and pillowy soft! They’re made with basic ingredients you would use for making regular pancakes, but the secret to their iconic fluffy, jiggly signature is the eggs!

Ingredients you will need

Please scroll down to the recipe card for the ingredient quantities!

Eggs – The main ingredient give our Japanese soufflé pancakes their fluffiness. The eggs will be separated into whites (for the meringue) and yolks (for the rest of the batter).
Milk – We recommend whole milk for best flavor.
All-purpose flour – To give our pancakes a little bit of chew for a balanced texture.
Baking powder – Just a small amount to help the pancakes rise a little higher.
Vanilla extract – A recommended flavoring extract, but who doesn’t like vanilla pancakes?!
Sugar – To sweeten the pancakes, but also make the egg white meringue stronger and to keep it stable a little longer. Make sure to use regular granulated sugar or caster sugar so that the sugar dissolved properly.
Vinegar – A small amount of acid helps to stabilize the egg whites when making meringue. You could also substitute white vinegar with equal amounts of fresh lemon juice or a small amount of cream of tartar.

How to make these jiggly Japanese soufflé pancakes

Make the soufflé pancake batter:
1. Separate the egg whites and egg yolks into separate mixing bowl. Make sure to not break the yolk!

2. Into the egg yolks, add the milk and vanilla and whisk briefly until combined. Then, sift in the flour and baking powder. Whisk until no more dry flour is visible and everything is well combined. Set aside until needed.

3. Into the egg whites, add the vinegar or lemon juice. With a hand mixer, beat on medium speed until completely frothy. Then, add the sugar a little at a time while mixing.

4. Once all the sugar has been added, increase the speed to medium high and beat the egg white until it reaches stiff peak.

5. Add ⅓ of the stiff peak meringue into the egg yolk batter. Use a rubber spatula to gently fold the meringue into the batter until evenly combined and no more streaks are visible.


For the initial incorporation of meringue, it is okay to mix a little longer, a little more thorough, and a little rougher. However, be very gentle when incorporating the next addition of meringue! It will determine how thick the pancake batter will be and if your pancakes will be fluffy.
6. Add the remaining meringue to the batter and gently fold until combined and no more streaks are visible. DO NOT over mix or the batter will become too loose and the pancakes will not be tall and will deflate substantially.


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